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Clark County Wetlands and Lake Las Vegas

A private tour with Las Vegas Tour Hub is always a completely custom itinerary, created just for you and your group! A private tour of the Clark County Wetlands and Lake Las Vegas can be from 4 hours - 10 hours, depending on the itinerary. Pick-up and Drop-off locations are the group’s choice. While many visitors to the Las Vegas area have specific sites they would like to see, many are happy to let our team create a custom itinerary that fits their interests, budget, mobility, and timeline.

Visit the Wetlands Nature Preserve and Lake Las Vegas area

If you’re looking for a tour of where the Vegas locals go – this is it! The Wetlands Nature Preserve and Lake Las Vegas area are where locals head to hike, bike, birdwatch, and explore throughout the year! While heading to your first destination, you’ll get to know your guide and hear some history about the city of Las Vegas as you drive through it, other nearby attractions such as the Hoover Dam and picturesque state parks, and the rich history of the native tribes, historical figures, and various cultures of the area. There are various sights and activities to choose from in the area, including trails, restaurants, watersports, and a nature center. Here are some suggestions depending on the length of your tour:

Half-Day Tour:

This tour is designed to highlight the best of the Clark County Wetlands and Lake Las Vegas area (4-6 hours). Typically, a tour of this length can include a short hike or two (depending on hike length), a visit to the Clark County Wetlands Nature Center, and lunch or a snack around Lake Las Vegas. The Nature Center features interactive displays, dioramas, artwork, and activities that bring the habitats, wildlife, and history of the park to life. Learn about the native and ancient civilizations dating back to 10,000 years ago, the trappers, traders, and explorers of the early 1800s, and American settlement from local expert staff. If you’d like to hike a bit, we’d suggest Duck Creek Trail, Wetlands Neighborhood Park (perfect for families), Pabco Trailhead, or Wells Trailhead. Depending on the trail, you can enjoy views of The Strip, the Las Vegas Wash, and various natural and manmade sights such as ponds, bridges, and groves. For a snack or lunch break, we can head to the Lake Las Vegas area to choose from one of the various restaurants around the lake.

Full-Day Tour:

This tour (7-10 hours) offers you the opportunity to really explore the natural surroundings of Las Vegas. You’ll be able to take some longer hikes, spend more time at the Nature Center, or spend time in Las Vegas at the beginning or end of your tour. With notice, it’s possible to set up a private talk or guided walk by a Wetlands expert – or to take a 2-hour Wetlands Tour via cart! There are also various multi-mile hikes in the area if you’re feeling adventurous. Lake Las Vegas also offers activities such as watersports (Paddleboards, boats, jet skis, kayaks for rent), private yacht cruising, and a waterpark; or just take your time with a leisurely lunch or dinner. Whatever you’re interested in doing in and around Las Vegas, your wish is our command!

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