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Las Vegas Chinatown Tour

A private tour of Las Vegas and Chinatown can be from 3 hours - 10 hours, depending on the itinerary. Pick-up and Drop-off locations are the group’s choice. While many visitors to Las Vegas have specific sites they would like to see, many are happy to let our team create a custom itinerary that fits their interests, budget, mobility, and timeline.

Explore the Chinatown area

Although the Chinatown area is quite close to The Strip, many visitors to Vegas (as well as locals) remain completely unaware of its existence – it’s a true hidden gem. This part of Vegas is where many of the local chefs purchase their food or can be found after their shift ends for the evening. Home to more than 250 small shops and restaurants from multiple Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea, you’ll be able to taste your way around Asia! There is also incredible architecture throughout the district that is extraordinarily unique, including sculptures of dragons and spectacular overhead gateways.

No two groups are alike and we will plan a trip tailored to your group’s interests, budget, and needs. Below are some sample itineraries to use as inspiration for your perfect tour:

Highlights Tour:

A tour designed to hit some of the highlights of Chinatown (2-3 hours) will typically focus on the incredible food of the area. On this shorter tour, your best bet is to do a tasting tour of the neighborhood – you could try something from several different Asian restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and supermarkets or focus on one country and visit a variety of Chinese, Thai, or Korean spots! Take this opportunity to challenge your tastebuds and try something new – like squid and peanut butter snacks from an Asian supermarket, mochi-flavored cakes from a Japanese bakery, or spicy noodles from a local Chinese restaurant! Las Vegas is known for its foodie scene, so dive right in on your Chinatown Highlights Tour! These 2 or 3-hour-long tours are usually focused on driving, which will allow you to see plenty of interesting architecture too.

Half-Day Tour:

A half-day tour (4-6 hours) allows more opportunity for you to take full advantage of being on a driving tour. You’ll be able to visit many different shops, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants (including having time for a sit-down meal, if you’d like), get out of the van to take a photo with the dragon-adorned Tang Dynasty gate at Chinatown Plaza, have a moment of relaxation at a classic chair massage shop, or maybe head to a Feng Shui store to have the whole concept explained – and come up with redecorating ideas for your own home! You’ll definitely have more time to get out and explore on foot on this half-day tour!

Full-Day Tour:

A full-day tour (7-10 hours) gives you the chance to explore all of the must-see spots of Chinatown and Las Vegas to their fullest: stroll through the Asian supermarkets and take your time marveling at all the extraordinary snacks (time to stock up!), design the Asian food tour of your dreams, grab some only-in-Chinatown gifts or decor or spend more time exploring Las Vegas at large – head to the Container Park downtown, grab a cocktail at the top of the Stratosphere, visit the Mob Museum or any number of fantastic activities! Your wish is our command!

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